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TBC == To Be Continued

After a longer break (you may call it parental leave), I consider resuming my blog very soon.

So, please, be patient 😉

At least, I managed to upgrade all instances. Additionally, I activated the Akismet spam filter plugin.

Stay tuned…


Einladung: Urlaub im Allgäu für erfahrene Debian-User

Schongau im Allgäu – hier ist die Welt noch in Ordnung

Welcher fortgeschrittene Debian [Edu]-Nutzer bzw. Administrator hat Lust und Zeit zu einem Ausflug ins bayrische Allgäu? Biergarten, Badeseen, Radwanderungen, Bergtouren…

Für Kost und Logis ist gesorgt – ein Reisekostenzuschuss in Aussicht gestellt.

Voraussetzung ist die Bereitschaft (und Fähigkeit), einer dortigen Schule bei der Einbindung von IGEL-Clients zu helfen, die von einem (bereits installierten) Skolelinux-Terminalserver betrieben werden sollen.

Interessent/innen können sich auf der Mailingliste von melden.

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Admin’s Darling: GT5

Whenever your server runs out of disk space: it’s good to know who steals your gigabytes. Formerly I used du / | sort -n | tail -30 to get a quick impression.

Today, Andree pointed me to gt5, a mighty tool based on ncurses. Its user interface is similar to those of htop or mc. It tells a lot of disk usage, so you will know very quickly where your space has gone.

GT5 screenshot



Moodle online again after regaining control over dyndns

After migrating our LTSP to a new mainboard, moodle has been offline for quite a while. First, I ascribed this to a dozens of upgrades that were necessary to cope with more recent chipsets.

Only now, I realised two crucial breakdowns regarding the configuration of ddclient:

  1. stopped working (I replaced it by
  2. the account at was declined!

Such obstacles cannot be cleared in a lunch break. Moodle has been offline for months, now. I will have to decide if I will stick to that instance – or setup a new one on one of the new servers to come.