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Phase3 Edge

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

I did buy & build a Phase3 Edge (video) . Positive: low price, nice colors, includes 6 carbon sticks. Negative: Glue sticks to the paint but the paint does not stick to the Model, the foam material is less robust compared to the art-tech GeeBee.   I did not fly it yet, still waiting for the motor that I ordered.

still enjoying the GeeBee

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

today is a beautiful sunny day. It would be a sin NOT to go flying on such a day. Very cool, that I have 4 Lipos now,  2  x  2000mAh(116g) and 2 x 750mAh(52g) – that’s enough flying time for me. Today with a fresh 750mAh Lipo it was climbing 90° fast & high – very cool – It did not happen like that before. First time that I used the rudder during rolls – it helps. One little crash because  I could not decide between fliying normal or inverted: push-pull-push-pull… and the ground comes closer and closer 🙂 I also made one unplanned but successful touch and go – can’t remember anymore how that happened, but ist was very funny. One woman with a dog came by and the dog tried to catch the plane as I was flying low. I climbed again and hoped that the battery will last until the dog is gone. A model plane (on the ground) is not the right toy for a dog.