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Welcome to Slovenia (The Slovenia Project)

Monday, January 26th, 2015

developed airports

LJCE Cerklje
LJLJ Ljubljana
LJPZ Portorž
LJSG Slovenj Gradec
LJDI Divača
LJAJ Ajdovščina (home of Pipistrel Aircraft , airport layout pending)

Making of

2 weeks ago Slovenia had only 20 objects in the flightgear scenery. I found this nice statistics page: and thought to myself: “Slovenia is a small country – it might be possible to get into the Top-20 by object density”. So I printed a map of Slovenia with bucket grid numbers:
and used and osm2city batch tool to generate power-pylons bucket by bucket. tested and uploaded them in batches of 100 objects per upload.

With the 990 chuches and 50 castles I had to be a bit more innovative: First a modled 4 generic churches and one castle that fitted well by style and size to this region. Then I downloaded the locations from openstreetmaps overpass-turbo and wrote a python script to translate that data into .stg files.
So far I modeled 3 “photo realistic” static objects for Slovenia: 1 tower and 2 hangars.
Added shared scenery objects in Sevnica, Krsko, Brežice and at the airports listed above.
Now Slovenia is ranked 12 of all countries by object density and ranked 16 by absolute object count. mission accomplished. 😉