Lenovo G550L and kubuntu 10.10 RC

Yesterday I installed kubuntu 10.10 RC on a Lenovo G550L. I was a bit disapointed that the Notebook has intel CPU,GPU and Chipset but WLAN is Broadcom 🙁 It also did not have a cardreader like some other 550 models have. But it has 3 x USB, that’s better than the G530 which has only one.

Kubuntu installation went fine. Broadcom wireless works. But after running for some minutes it becomes extremely slow. In gkrellm you can see proc going very high. shutdown takes more that 2 minutes. Assuming that the Xorg driver did not get worse since ubuntu 10.4 I guess it’s a KDE/kwin problem. In a few days I’ll upgrade to the final version. Until them I use ubuntu 10.04 with gnome, where I did not experience such problems.

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