Walkera Dragonfly 4 (DF4)

my second heli: Walkera Dragonfly 4, well Schweighofer calls it “HELI XXPERT MINI” -so what. maybe they can’t sell it as DF4 now that the 4#1 is available. I fly it now for 2 weeks and I’m quite satisfied with it. I fly it with a 2s(7,4V) Lipo Pack and did not noticed that the motors get too hot like many people on the net did complain about – I guess they fly 3s Lipo-Packs. My major complain/problem with this Heli is the receiver which is part of the 4in one module. I tried it in different halls and also outdoor: 10m distance is the maximum distance I can reach without distortions. When the heli is on the ground I sometimes get distortions even when the sender is very close to the model. I tried different antenna positions & orientations and also 2 different senders – no change. So.. my heli is ok for practice in few meter distance but flying a big circle will be a problem. For the future I plan to use the piccoboard from Eco Piccolo or fly the Eco Piccolo instead the DF4. But it will take sone time  & money until I have the  Piccolo repaired & ready to fly.

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